Nfinite Wisdom is a technology company based out of Denver, CO. We are currently a small operation giving us several advantages over that of the larger corporations, most notably the ability to take on diverse types of projects with vast technical expertise while delivering solutions uninhibited by the overhead and red tape. You get to speak and work directly with the developer on your project, which allows you to build a stronger, better, and closer working relationship. We are ready to work together to design something unique and powerful for you or your client today. If you are interested discussing your needs and/or engaging with us for one of your projects, please feel free to contact us directly by filling out the form below. We will get back to you in less than a 24 hour business day.
Nick Favero is the owner/ innovative technical lead whom has a keen focus on Full Stack development. With a BS in Computer Science and several years of corporate experience at various prominent companies such as Airbus, Schneider Electric, and Blackboard. Nick is able to deliver unique solutions to many problems. Having worked on diverse projects ranging from various Web Map applications, GIS extensions, and utilization of Open Street Maps, he specializes in a C#, .NET, Angularjs, Bootstrap, SQL Server, and HTML 5 along with minor experience in other technologies including but not limited to Python, NodeJS, PostgreSql, MySql, Java, and Blackboard Building Blocks. He has worked on legacy code bases, building both small and large products from the ground up as well as several personal sites. Throughout each project, with all of his clients he brings one major mindset to the table - simplicity is beautiful and most of the time, all you need to create a powerful product/solution.
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